7: Reversing Hashimoto’s with Nutrition

7: Reversing Hashimoto’s with Nutrition

I’m really excited about today’s episode about Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and its influence on food & mood for a few reasons: first, the topic is fascinating and really important to a number of people, and also because I’m thrilled to introduce everyone to my guest, Sunny Brigham.

Sunny is a board-certified clinical & integrative nutritionist with a Masters in Nutrition & Integrative Health and is a Certified Nutrition Specialist. She helps women reduce fatigue, eliminate bloat, and lose weight by focusing on healing the digestive tract and repairing their relationship with food.

Full disclosure: Sunny and I went through grad school and clinical supervision together, so we can carry on for days! But, I really wanted Sunny to come on the podcast because she is well-versed in hypothyroid management and putting Hashimoto’s into remission, which is where we’re going to focus today’s episode of the Food-Mood Files.

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