Functional Lab Testing

child holding knees to chest

Beyond Behavior Nutrition offers a range of functional lab testing for established clients. If you’re curious about whether testing might be right for your child, please schedule a free discovery call to discuss this with Emily.

Is Functional Lab Testing Necessary?

It’s true – lab testing is expensive and should give you pause. I tell all of my clients that we can always support the body empirically, without testing. While my training and expertise informs an empirical approach to healing, this method is slower than taking action based on solid lab results. Updated conventional lab results are always my first request. A lot of nutritional information is available through standard CBC, CMP, and lipid panels, plus these lab tests are usually covered by insurance. 

Even so, many of my clients have spent years pursuing conventional testing and empirical treatment with few results. In these cases, functional testing can shine a light on the root cause of symptoms and highlight a path toward healing.

Which Lab Tests are Right for My Child?

This question addresses the heart of why I only offer functional lab testing to established clients. First, we want to know if your child’s unique health concerns warrant testing at all. A deep look at medical history, their personal story, a nutrition-focused physical exam, and conventional test results inform whether functional lab testing would be beneficial – and which type of testing to pursue. 

Are There Additional Costs for Functional Testing?

Each functional lab test does have an associated cost, but as an established client there are no additional fees for my interpretation and recommendations. This is part of your care package as a Beyond Behavior Nutrition client.

Can I Use Results from Another Provider?

This depends on the type of testing and how long ago it was completed. Genomics results are very informative, but other forms of functional tests are not actionable beyond 3-6 months from the testing date. If you have recent results from another provider, I am happy to work these into your assessment for a $50 interpretation fee.