Building a Balanced Plate

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, building a balanced plate can be as simple as reading a pie chart! We’re all bombarded with the latest health trends on TV and social media, making it hard to sort … Read More

Sustained Lifestyle Change

What is it about change that is so challenging? There’s a perception that we need superhuman amounts of determination and self-discipline to succeed. Maybe if we can commit to different behaviors over a certain period of time, we’ll suddenly have … Read More

Healthy Breakfast Greens

Healthy Breakfast Greens Recipe

Breakfast greens are a staple of my mornings many times each week. They are an excellent breakfast on their own, but you can also pair them with eggs or a couple strips of preservative-free bacon. You can also add other things … Read More

Kicking Coffee

Kicking Coffee: The Caffeine Wean

Kicking coffee is no joke. Whether quitting for an elimination or detox, for improved sleep habits, or due to doctor’s orders, you’ll need some support. as you go through the process. The Good There are many evidence-based benefits to enjoying a … Read More

Age discrimination in healthcare

Age Discrimination and Preventative Care

Age Discrimination and Preventative Care We’ve all heard about discrimination in the health care system, especially as it relates to women.  If a woman walks into her doctor’s office complaining of fatigue, brain fog, depression, low sex drive and general … Read More

Allergy-Free Breakfast Hash

Allergy-Free Breakfast Hash Breakfasts can be a struggle on busy weekday mornings. Typically, I’m packing 3 lunches, dancing around the cats, attempting to manage the dog and trying to keep the kids moving as they prepare for school.  It’s easy … Read More

What is functional nutrition

Functional Nutrition: Just Another Buzzword?

What is functional nutrition?   You might have heard the term “functional medicine” or “functional nutrition” floating around in the news.  Maybe you even dismissed it as just another buzzword.  After all, when it comes to health buzzwords are everywhere. … Read More

food allergies and identity

Elementary School: Food Allergies and Identity

Elementary School: Food Allergies and Identity Back to school is always tough: new classrooms, new teachers, different classmates, new rules and expectations, and rehashing all of the usual precautions and emergency plans that come with severe food allergies.  It’s easy for … Read More

cheese convenience

What’s In My Cheese?

What’s In My Cheese? So, it’s confession time. Food allergies and convenience don’t typically go hand-in hand, but sometimes I want shortcuts like everyone else. Sometimes I’m even so tired and grateful for a reprise that I forget the basics. … Read More

food mood

The Power of Food: Our Journey and My Mission

The Power of Food: Our Journey and My Mission The power of food, for better or worse, is something to which my family is intimately attuned.   Food and Mood My son has life-threatening food allergies, but this wasn’t always the … Read More