Food Allergies

person surrounded by chaos

Survival Mode: 2019

2019 hasn’t been what I planned. Chaos reigned over balance to this point, but it’s time to step out of survival mode and into purpose. … Read More

food allergy faq: peanut shells

Food Allergy FAQ

Food Allergies: Frequently Asked Questions By now, most everyone knows my story and understands my passion for supporting people who manage food allergies. Whether you’re newly-diagnosed, an adult, child, or family dealing with food restrictions, integrative support is key. I find … Read More

Approaching Middle School with Severe Food Allergies

A couple weeks ago, my son Colby and I traveled to Pittsburgh to take part in the FARE, epi-life & Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC Teen Summit for Teens and Tweens with Food Allergies. As a pre-teen with multiple, severe food … Read More

remodeling with wheat allergy

Remodeling with Wheat Allergy

We’ve put this off for a very long time. Remodeling with wheat allergy – who knew it would be so complex? This is yet another nuance of life with food allergies. We can’t give up the kitchen for a week to … Read More

allergy-friendly meals

Food Allergies: Allergy-Friendly Meals

Allergy-Friendly Meals & Snacks Inevitably, as you begin to sort through all that is entailed in safely managing food allergies, your child will tell you he or she is hungry… now.  Here are some tips, snack ideas and allergy-friendly meals … Read More

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Food Allergy: Resources for a New Diagnosis

A new diagnosis, epinephrine and a list of foods to avoid… Now what? A new diagnosis of food allergies is a life-changing event.  While your doctor or allergist might stress the importance of avoiding trigger foods, recognizing reactions and administering medication, … Read More

Elimination diet and inflammation

Diet and Inflammation: What is the Elimination Diet?

Diet & Inflammation: What is an Elimination Diet?   An elimination diet may sound like misery and deprivation, but in reality it’s a very powerful tool for healing and self-awareness. In short, you avoid the foods that commonly cause the … Read More

Kicking Coffee

Kicking Coffee: The Caffeine Wean

Kicking coffee is no joke. Whether quitting for an elimination or detox, for improved sleep habits, or due to doctor’s orders, you’ll need some support. as you go through the process. The Good There are many evidence-based benefits to enjoying a … Read More

food allergies and identity

Elementary School: Food Allergies and Identity

Elementary School: Food Allergies and Identity Back to school is always tough: new classrooms, new teachers, different classmates, new rules and expectations, and rehashing all of the usual precautions and emergency plans that come with severe food allergies.  It’s easy for … Read More

cheese convenience

What’s In My Cheese?

What’s In My Cheese? So, it’s confession time. Food allergies and convenience don’t typically go hand-in hand, but sometimes I want shortcuts like everyone else. Sometimes I’m even so tired and grateful for a reprise that I forget the basics. … Read More