100 Miles to Beat the Winter Blues

child running with dog

Getting outside and moving my body are two big things that are helping me hold it together in this long 2020. Here’s how I’m tuning out the noise and the stress while stealthily involving the family in my devious ways…

Enter the 100-mile challenge. What?!

Stay with me here – it’s not as extreme as it sounds.

First, know that 100-miles can look like anything you want it to be. Maybe you’re a runner like me, or maybe you’ll walk or bike the distance. Hey, pogo stick the miles for all I care (but please do share a photo)! The point is to increase your daily movement with an activity you enjoy AND to do it during this part of the year when mental health can become a challenge for so many. I think this will be vital this year, especially.

Once you’ve wrapped your head around the challenge, jump on a quick internet search for a 100-mile tracker. This might be an app, it might involve a wearable device that you already own, or it could be as simple (and fun) as a coloring sheet. We found some excellent Harry Potter-themed 100-mile coloring sheets to track our adventures.

Now, the really fun part to get that motivation moving… 

Purchase something simple that you’d really like to have. This doesn’t have to break the bank – it might be a cute t-shirt or a pair of cozy slippers you’ve had your eye on. Earning medals mean a lot to my kids, so they each picked a virtual race medal that they wanted to earn. It will be a Marvel-themed medal for the big kid, while my girl chose one that speaks to girl power – such perfect reflections of their personalities! To keep costs down, I signed up for the medal + T-shirt pack. I’ll be earning the t-shirt that would otherwise accompany my daughter’s medal. Simple, cheap, and obviously our virtual versions of these races will be 100-miles.

That’s it! Get moving and have fun with the journey to 100 miles! As insane as this year has been, imagine how wonderful it will feel to share with your friends and family that you closed out 2020 by covering 100-miles on your own. Homeschoolers: track this for PE credits! Let’s empower ourselves to fight back against the winter blues (and the isolation blues) by getting into nature and moving our bodies. 

If you take this challenge, I’d love to hear about it! Or, if you have another idea to keep moving during the colder months, please let me know. We’re all in this together – let’s come out of it stronger than ever.

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