Survival Mode: 2019

person surrounded by chaos

I’m back, baby.

2019 hasn’t been what I planned. Remember back to December when I was focused on choosing a word for the upcoming year? I chose “balance.” Honestly, “chaos” fits WAY better at this point! 

But, we all have those days, months, and (sometimes) years, right? I could never guess that my new job at the time would no longer require my service after only 4 months in the trenches with them (corporate downsizing sucks, y’all). Gaining traction after that was tough, but really forced me to reevaluate my own professional goals. 

Health and family have come to the forefront this year in big, urgent ways. Sometimes the shit absolutely nails the fan and we drop everything to deal with life itself. That is love, and it’s what really matters after all. 

To top off the pants-afire reactionism that 2019 presents so far is our decision to homeschool through middle school. I may blog about this eventually, but for now my emotion is still fresh on this one and I’d hate for that to translate into something that it’s not. Teachers, I see you and I know this system is not how you envisioned sharing your gifts with our children. I admire you all.

Until now, I’ve been floating through 2019 in pure survival mode (right, Minecraft parents?). But, in the last month a number of things have snapped me to action again. In wrapping up the summer trimester as a teaching assistant for my grad school, I realized my love of teaching once more. Hooray! On to year 3 with the University and its amazing students. 

I had a few clients ask me about taking in-network insurance, which proved to be a fascinating rabbit hole (blog to come!). P.S. – I am an out-of-network provider and can send you a superbill with appropriate coding so you may pursue reimbursement with your plan.

And recently (someone pinch me), I was selected as a presenter for the upcoming Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) Contains: Courage 2019 Summit this fall in Baltimore, Maryland. I’m super grateful for this opportunity, and I’m working on focusing this terrified joy that it brings(!). Maybe I’ll see some of my food allergy families in Baltimore? I’ll be there with my son, who is attending the teen track of the summit.

Like I said, it’s a year of survival and reevaluation to this point, but I finally feel like it’s a jumping-off point for what is to come at Thrive Inside Nutrition. Look for some changes, some course offerings, some group opportunities, and a lot of strategies for sustaining health in the midst of survival mode. 

In fact, let’s start this rebirth celebration properly with a 15% off coupon for an initial consultation. Use code: SURVIVAL2019 on the payment page when you book before September 15th, 2019.

Let’s regroup together and finish 2019 strong!

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