The Healthy Habits Series: Breakfast Boosters

Healthy Habits Series: Breakfast Boosters

Healthy Habits Challenge #2: Breakfast Boosters


Welcome to Thrive Inside Nutrition’s first ever Healthy Habits Challenge Series! 


I’m thrilled to have you here!

This series of free 5-day challenges aims to help you boost overall nutrition, health and wellness for your kids and for yourself. As I often say, children’s health is family health.

This week’s challenge is focused on boosting nutrition at breakfast. Mornings can be busy, and for many people (including adolescents) it’s common to rush out the door without breakfast. Even young kids often feel rushed at breakfast, grabbing a bowl of cereal that is neither filling nor nutritious before rushing to catch the school bus. This week we’ll look at breakfast options that involve whole foods, provide complete nutrition for energy and brain power, and take little time to prepare and enjoy.

Since this is our second challenge, we’ll build on the skills your kids learned last month during the Kids in the Kitchen Challenge. Remember to involve everyone – learning to make nutritious breakfasts is a life skill we want to pass along!

So, get everyone on board for 5 days of delicious fun and let’s learn how to use whole foods to boost nutrition and overall energy!

The Details

As always, these challenges are flexible because you’re busy and your family’s schedule fluctuates throughout the week. To make this challenge achievable for everyone, I’ve broken it into five (5) different tasks, or one task per day. You may tackle these tasks in any order, allowing you to schedule these as you can over the next five days. Here’s the breakdown:

Breakfast Boosters Challenge

Day 1Breakfast hashGather ingredients your family enjoys to create a one-dish breakfast hash. Learn about macronutrient ratios and how they influence your energy levels.
Day 2Smoothie-ologyCreate a delicious smoothie that's full of nutrients. Learn the difference between a beverage smoothie and a meal replacement smoothie.
Day 3Boosted muffinsLearn to boost the nutrition in your muffins, making them much more satisfying with less impact on blood sugar.
Day 4Pick a proteinProtein (and Paleo) are all the rage. We'll discuss the pros and cons of eating a protein-rich diet and how to select lean, clean protein sources.
Day 5Veg outVegetables in the morning are purely magical! Learn why, and how to incorporate them into your breakfast on a regular basis.

Join the Challenge!

Our Facebook Group will be the main “location” where we’ll chat about the challenge, share our stories, and where I will share support, recipes and tips. Want to join us? Click on the image below to request to join the group and take part in the fun. I can’t wait to see you there!

healthy habits challenge series

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