Pediatric Nutrition for Allergy, Attention & Anxiety

Pediatric nutrition for allergy, attention & behavior

Change their story. Change their life.

Emily Cerda, CNS, LDN

Emily is a Certified Nutrition Specialist who helps children, teens, and their caregivers struggling with allergy, attention & behavioral challenges to feel focused and confident. She engages the whole family in making changes in food choices and lifestyle habits that are catered to their specific needs, resulting in amazing shifts in mood, behavior and overall health – for the kids and their parents! Are you or your kids struggling with mood, behavior or focus? Are you looking for natural solutions, but feel defeated by the results?

Common Client Complaints

focus mood swings anxiety poor sleep hyperactivity allergy or sensitivities constipation fatigue

Got Stress?

It’s easy to get caught up being busy with work and day-to-day life. Taking time out to focus on yourself is crucial and we want to provide a comfortable relaxing environment for exactly that. Caregiver Coaching is part of our services and also available separately for extended support.

Training & Experience

You're in good hands! Emily is proud to offer graduate-level training, 1,000-hours of supervised practice, and a rigorous board examination, coupled with hundreds of hours of post-graduate training and 8 years of clinical experience.

Trauma-Informed Care

Our deeply personalized approach and additional training in mind-body medicine aims to create a safe space to explore healing. We offer education and accountability, but allow you to take the lead.

Health Analysis

The review of recent labs from your physician through the lens of nutrition is part of our services. Functional testing may also be available at an additional cost (location-dependent).

Flexible Payment Options

We are in-network with CIGNA and Blue Cross Blue Shield (coverage varies by plan and location), offer superbills for out-of-network reimbursement, and can negotiate payments plans for cash-pay clients.

Weight-Neutral Approach

Fostering a healthy relationship to food is paramount in our approach to pediatric nutrition and caregiver coaching. We focus on education and empowerment, not on shaming and restriction.

Care Coordination

We take pride in being a proactive part of your care team! We provide updates and foster communication with your providers to help you feel supported as an advocate for your care.

Ready to Change Your Story?

Welcome! Whether it's pediatric nutrition or caregiver coaching, Beyond Behavior Nutrition operates by secure telehealth services to accomodate your schedule from the comfort of your home. Set up an appointment and let's talk!


“[My son is] doing really well and he proactively tells me he feels better, happier, and more energetic. His cello teacher says the attention issue is completely turned around! This is all thanks to you!”
Amanda M.
“I was more focused, my grades started to improve… it was like a whole different ME appeared.”
12-year-old client
Our [work together] remains in my heart, as you were so warm and engaging. You care! I admire your heart for health and especially for children. The way that you conducted our session with my son was unmatched by any practitioner we've seen. That said, our whole family is in the midst of restructuring our lifestyle, so that we all may live healthier!”

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Beyond Behavior Nutrition offers nutrition and coaching services for children, teens, and their caregivers. All sessions occur virtually via secure video calls on Zoom. Service availability may vary by region. Please schedule a free call to discuss your unique needs.